There are 32 smart, innovative and unique solutions implemented in lighthouse cities within the project RUGGEDISED. These solutions cover different areas e.g. smart thermal grids, e-mobility, ICT etc. In order to understand the technical aspects of these solutions we need an expert partner who will provide with their interpretation and implementation. SIX Research Centre helped us coordinate the initial analysis within these application areas: Electrical Grid and E-Mobility, ICT and Security, Mobility, Sharing Economy, Smart Thermal Grid and Smart Waste Management. The analyses assess the possibilities of replication of individual innovative projects and measures implemented in lighthouse cities of the RUGGEDISED project or also mention alternative options implemented in other European and non-European cities. These researches will serve as a basis for the future definition of innovative aspects of the smart neighbourhood. During the second half of 2019, round expert tables will be organized, the outputs of which will lead to a closer specification of technologies and approaches applicable in future construction.