First round of PMC

Subject of consultation: Functional and technical design
Status: The proposal is under revision

The first round started with a public consultation on 12 April 2022. The aim of the first round meeting was to present the smart district project to potential partners in terms of functional and technical design. In particular, the drafted implementation proposal include two strategic documents that will serve as the main basis for the consultation – the Master Plan and the White Book.

Discussion during the first round focused on coneptual issues of technical feasibility, environmental sustainability, etc., with particular emphasis on alternative solutions or options for improving the project in terms of its purpose and the objectives of the City of Brno.

All documents relating to the first round of preliminary market consultations are available here (only in Czech).

Relevant and english written documents:

  1. Masterplan of the Smart City District (only in Czech)
  2. White Book of the Smart City District
  3. Market Consultation Project Brief