Zoning study “Transformation area – Špitálka and surroundings”

The next step of locality transformation was to assign a zoning study “Transformation area – Špitálka and surroundings” in June 2019. The winning and highest-appraised proposals from the International urban idea competition served as one of main resource materials for this study.

The aim of the zoning study is to propose the functional and spatial arrangement in the purpose of complex integration not only of replication locality Špitálka but also for surrounding brownfields into the transformation area. There are former manufacturing factories, which previously formed the industrial centre of the city. The redevelopment of the area will not only be associated with new areas for housing, work or leisure time, but also new transport links will be added in the zone. The most important of these is the so-called New City Avenue, which is supposed to ensure transport service in the newly emerging part of the city. The zoning study will then be used for an amendment to the Master Zoning Plan of the City of Brno and for the very construction and revival of this part of the city. Deadline for submission of the final version is the end of April 2020 and Brno-based design office ERA is responsible for that.