Špitálka is undergoing technical due diligence process. It assesses the condition of the area

In parallel with the search for a strategic partner, the process of Špitálka revitalising is underway to check the area on which the smart district is to be built. Thanks to the technocal due diligence process, city representatives will know what condition the site is in.

During the technical due diligence process, the buildings and infrastructure within the area will be inspected. This includes objects that are at ground level, below (such as utilities or collectors) and above it (such as overhead lines or pipelines).

In addition to the assessment of the condition of the area, its control will be also important for the related investments caused by the preparation of the construction of the smart district. Such investments include utility relocations or the modification of an intake structure. After assessing the status of these investments, a decision will be made as to whether their implementation will be necessary.