The student team is developing the ideas for a temporary use of the Špitálka area

The successful inter-university competition MUNISS, which has been searching for the ideas of how to activate the Špitálka area before it will be transformed into the smart district, reveals the first tangible outputs. The selected team of the students and specialists has focused on the concrete solutions brought up by the competition, and continues in their development.

The ideas have been sorted one by one according to the time-frame and potential of their realization. All the ideas are inspiring – however, they need to be appropriated to the ongoing activities of the Brno Heating Plants company in the western part of the area, until their relocation, which is a subject to the renovation of the eastern parts of the heating plant. Many of the proposals have been therefore confronted with the reality. Nevertheless, the goal of the municipality is to set up the cooperation with the Brno Heating Plants in a way, that the area could be slowly opened in the next years, so that the visitors would perceive the authentic genius loci before it will be transformed.

In the recent weeks, there are discussions with the Tourist Information Centre about the possibility of including Špitálka into the regular series of the excursions “Brno Industrial”. The visitors would have the opportunity of standing face to face to the monumental cooling tower, peek into the “backstage” of the heating plant in the maintenance double-hall and the archive in the multi-story skeletal building, and get lost in the labyrinth of the underground nuclear fallout shelter.

The core of the activities connected to the temporary program for Špitálka is now happening outside of the area. During the month October, the city dwellers may run into one the 5 presentation panels about the projects of MUNISS and Smart district Špitálka, with a little surprise – the hole in the panel, directing the view towards the cooling tower of Špitálka, which is unexpectedly present in the streets of Brno. The panels are about to be found on Náměstí Svobody, Moravské Náměstí, on the corner of the streets Benešova and Nádražní, or next to the tram stops Nové Sady and Vlhká.