Meeting with landowners on the occasion of the announcement of the Urban Design Idea Competition

18. August 2018 16:00

Areál Tepláren Brno a.s., Špitálka 6

On 28 August 2018, an informal tour of the plant of the company Teplárny Brno took place as part of the preparation of the announcement of an urban planning competition for the Špitálka area, with subsequent discussion of the terms of reference of the competition. The initiative took place in the presence of landowners, representatives of the Office of the City Architect and representatives of the city of Brno.

Several activities are currently running or are planned as part of the preparation of the announcement of an urban planning competition, which are supposed to help set up the terms of reference and get the widest possible range of possible partners involved. "In May, we presented our intention to announce the urban planning competition to the owners of the surrounding plots of land; now, we would like to ask professionals and the general public to raise their comments on the draft version of the terms of reference of the competition before it is actually presented to the jury," said Jaroslav Kacer, Deputy Mayor for Smart City. 

The international urban planning competition is organised by the Office of the Architect of the City of Brno, which will provide the supporting documentation and supervise the course of the competition. The winning design arising from this competition will be used for the assignment of a planning study of the area in question, which will subsequently be used for an amendment to the Master Zoning Plan of the City of Brno. The competition will be announced on 30 October 2018.