> Preliminary market consultations

For the revitalization of Špitálka, it is necessary to find a strategic partner who will bring the smart district project to a successful conclusion. Its selection is preceded by an important step in the form of preliminary market consultations. These are aimed at verifying with potential partners the setup of the project so that it is viable for several decades, sustainable in terms of financing, and at the same time meets the requirements for modern and technically advanced construction that will become an inspiration for new urban development in the Czech Republic and Europe. City representatives are conducting preliminary market consultations to prepare the tender specifications and to inform the widest possible range of potential partners of their intentions and requirements.

Due to the complexity of the whole project, the consultations are divided into three phases, which may be further divided into several sub-rounds, including possible individual consultations. Each phase starts with a group meeting for an unlimited number of pre-registered stakeholders. Participants in each phase will always discuss a specific part of the agenda.

Preliminary market consultations take place during 2022 and 2023. The date of the final third phase is yet to be determined.


1st round

• Subject of consultation: Functional and technical design
• Status: The proposal is under revision

2nd round

• Subject of consultation: Business model
Status: Ongoing

3rd round

• Subject of consultation: Tender specifications

• Status: In preparation