Open House Brno in Špitálka

13. May 2023 10:00

Špitálka 6, Brno

The Open House Brno Architecture Festival allows its participants to visit places that are not normally open to the public. Interested visitors can also look forward to exploring the Špitálka area. This site is currently used by Brno's heating plants, but part of it will be transformed into a smart district in the future.

Špitálka is a place where innovation thrives. Both in the past and today. In 1930, a heating plant was started up here, where electricity was produced along with heat. Špitálka thus entered the history of the heating industry, as the combined production of heat and electricity was a pioneering achievement in Czechoslovakia at that time. Simultaneously, thanks to the new heating plant, several dozens of factory chimneys disappeared, which contributed significantly to improving the air quality in the city. 

Now, almost 100 years later, Špitálka wants to build on its innovative past. While the eastern part of the area will continue to serve its original purpose, the western part will be transformed into a smart district. It will become a place for modern living, successful business and pleasant leisure activities. The smart district will be environmentally friendly and will use a number of climate change responsive features. After many years, Špitálka will once again show how to approach urban development in a sustainable way and thus protect the environment.

Visitors to Open House Brno will learn about both the past and the future of the area. They will get to know the eastern part of the site, which is still fully operated by the Brno heating plants, and the western part, which is intended for the construction of a smart district.