Exhibition "Seven Shapes of the Future of Brno"

22. March 2019 0:00

Urban centrum, Mečová 5

From the Exhibition Centre to the Leisure Time Centre in Bystrc. In more than seventy visualisations we present seven architectural and urban planning competitions which we have prepared for the city and its districts over more than two years of our activity. All the best-evaluated designs from six competitions and the terms of reference of the latest one – the shape of the smart district of Špitálka – can be seen at the Urban Centre in Brno, at the Old Town Hall, from 14 February to 22 March 2019.

The organising of competitions is not only a part of the mission of the Office of the Architect of the City of Brno (KAM), but also one of the tools by which the city architect’s team contributes to a better-quality development of Brno. Thanks to them, the city can find, through an expert jury, the best solution among the various proposals, whether for a specific building, a complex of buildings or the entire territory. But it is not just about design and visualisations – in fact, these competitions help find designers to develop planning or design documentation, and planning studies. 

Hence, already in the last year the city signed a contract with the developers of a design for the Creative Centre, which is supposed to be built in Bratislavská Street, or with the designers for a planning study of the residential area Na Kaménkách in Černovice. Based on the results of the competition for the Brno Exhibition Centre compound, KAM is currently preparing a planning study for the city. New ideas and experiences should result from the currently running international theoretical competition for the transformation of a part of the premises of the heating plant in Špitálka Street. This area should be transformed from a brownfield site into a so-called smart district in the years to come.