Špitálka Exhibition "Transformation of the future smart district"

30. July 2019 19:00

Urban centrum, Mečová 5

The international idea competition to transform part of the heating plant complex in Špitálka Street and its surroundings has brought new and novel solutions to the city from various parts of the world - Poland, Belgium, Japan and Singapore. The city will now select the best ideas to use for the award of a land-use study from the top-rated designs. All twenty-seven designs can be seen at exhibition in Brno Urban Centre at the Old Town Hall from June 20 to July 31, 2019. Admission is free.

A smart district with housing, work and leisure areas for up to 4000 people and revived by a new city-lined street alined with shops and served by a new trolleybus line - this is how the area between the railway track and Koliště, Cejl, Radlas and Špitálka streets should look like one day. The results of an international idea competition should find the best possible solution to turn the vast unused locality surrounding the heating plants into a so-called smart neighborhood. It was organized for the city by the Office of the Architect of the City of Brno and presented its winners in March. The city will use the results for the commissioning of the zoning study and subsequent change of the Master Zoning Plan.

The jury of Czech and foreign experts selected Prague architects Aulík Fišer architekti as the best design. The jury was intrigued by a variety of public spaces, a dense network of pedestrian and cycling trails and an appropriate scale of streets and blocks of development. The authors designed a circuit of city parks connected to the Svitava embankment and in their design they worked sensitively with existing industrial buildings.

An important element of the competition was the focus of the competition designs on the principles of a smart city. As you can see from the designs on display, it was not just a test of innovative technologies, but also the impact on the environment, the preservation of the genius loci of the place, quality streets serving people or the naturally planned transformation of the area. With this approach Špitálka should become a model for further construction in the rest of Brno.

The press release is available HERE.