MIPIM Real Estate Exhibition

14. March 2023 0:00

Cannes, France

MIPIM focuses on investment opportunities and the real estate market. Guests from Brno will also attend the fair in Cannes, France. Three Brno projects will be presented at MIPIM, including the Špitálka Smart District. The fair will run from 14 to 17 March 2023.

For Brno, the fair is an opportunity to showcase projects that are being worked on in the city. Thanks to MIPIM, these projects can become an investment opportunity for business partners who will also be present at the fair. MIPIM is therefore a platform for cities and regions to meet and establish contacts with each other and with the private sector.  Participants of the fair will also attend a conference and workshop programme with renowned personalities from the world of business, who will present current economic trends.

Representatives from Brno will travel to MIPIM together with delegations from Ostrava, the Moravian-Silesian Region and Prague. Brno will present three projects at the fair - besides Špitálka, also the Brno Technology Park and the Trnitá neighbourhood. The Špitálka Smart District is an innovative project that uses modern technologies and approaches in urban development, which is leading Brno towards sustainable development, carbon neutrality and climate change mitigation. The project can thus be presented at the fair to potential investors and developers who can get involved in its preparation - especially as interested parties in the future tender for the construction of a smart district. The project promoters can address not only investors and developers at the fair, but also, for example, technology companies and the wider professional public.