Building on initial expert analysis, during the second half of 2020, expert roundtables will be organized. Each main below mentioned smart city topic will be covered with one expert table half-day discussion when formed outputs will lead to a closer specification of technologies and approaches applicable in future development. SIX Research Centre will be involved in coordination and organisation of these expert roundtable discussions.

Smart City topic to be covered:

  • Thermal grid
  • Electric grid and e-mobility
  • Smart buildings, public space, green and blue infrastructure
  • Data and ICT
  • Waste and circular economy
  • Community and sharing economy

During the roundtable expert discussions following attributes of each smart solutions will be considered:

  • impact on the achievement of the objectives
  • investment costs with comparison of investment return
  • efficiency
  • operating and maintenance costs
  • simplicity of implementation (possibility of incorporating measures into existing conditions)
  • presence of positive externalities

The results from these roundtable discussions will help the city administration to proceed with specification of which concrete smart solutions will be used in future site development.

If you are an expert in one of the above mentioned smart city fields and you would like to participate, please let us know via email