The replication workshop was a side event at the URBIS 2019 Smart City Fair and took place on 5. 6. on a special stage in Hall G2. The workshop was primarily intended for representatives of so-called lighthouse cities, fellow and observation cities. The main tasks of the workshop include: To present successful projects from lighthouse cities to other cities and other relevant partners; to entice observer cities who have not yet participated in the SCC01 Lighthouse projects and motivate them to participate in the program; to strengthen the process of replication of innovative solutions and accelerate their deployment in Europe; to strengthen the cooperation of all consortia involved in the program.

Workshop was consisted of two rounds with five paralel discussions on specific topics.

First Round:
Governance aspect of the District Heating and Smart Thermal Grid – ROTTERDAM
Business model towards 100% renewable energy – UMEÅ
Data Based Decision Platform – GLASGOW
BrnoID – services to citizens in an electronic way – BRNO
Holistic refurbishment approach within SMARTER TOGETHER – LYON, MUNICH, VIENNA

Second Round:
3D Digital City – ROTTERDAM
Tenant involvement through Gamification – UMEÅ
Smart Car Park and Grid Interface – GLASGOW
Brno Open Data Platform – BRNO
Holistic refurbishment approach within SMARTER TOGETHER – LYON, MUNICH, VIENNA

Official report from the replication workshop can be founded in section Documents.

Two podcast from the workshops are also available:
Welcome and introduction to the Replication workshop: Panel discussion on ongoing replication process in Europe – podcast
Building Smart Districts by Lighthouse cities leaders and Replication workshop findings and summarization – podcast