The cooling tower under scrutiny. The company will assess the condition of the Špitálka landmark

The Brno City Council approved the signing of the contract with Stavexis. The company will provide a structural and technical survey and evaluation of the condition of the cooling tower structure in Špitálka. After the work, which will take about three months, it will be clear in what condition the dominant feature of the site is.

The Špitálka cooling tower can be seen from several locations in the city. It is therefore a natural attraction for the whole area, which will soon be transformed into a smart district. New uses for the tower are planned for the future. When the smart district is completed, it will become a viewing point and will be connected to the surrounding buildings by an attractive skywalk.

However, the current technical condition of the tower needs to be investigated before this can be done. Stavexis, a company that has long been involved in structural engineering surveys, expert opinions, market valuation of real estate and construction economics, has taken on this task. The Brno City Council approved the signing of the contract on 19 April 2023.

In the coming weeks, the cooling tower will undergo a thorough inspection. The inspection will determine its condition and whether it can be used for the planned project without the risk of collapse. The technical data obtained from the structural engineering survey will be used to assess the life of the tower both in its current state and after the proposed rehabilitation. Subsequently, an assessment will be made as to whether the tower structure is capable of surviving alongside the planned construction of the smart district.

The current work on the cooling tower will take approximately three months. It should therefore be completed in July 2023.