City of Brno continues with preliminary market consultations

Preliminary market consultations with investors interested in Špitálka Smart District project will continue. Representatives of the City of Brno will resume negotiations in June. Together with the developers, they will focus on finding a suitable business model that will enable the redevelopment of Špitálka.

Consultations with potential investors began as early as 2022. The City of Brno then received comments and feedback, which responded to the proposal of possible models of cooperation (these models are subject of the Financial Analysis and Recommendations for the Strategic Approach of the Špitálka Smart District Project). Based on the comments, the basic parameters under which the project is to be developed were modified and its possible future direction was narrowed down. Further discussion of this proposal for cooperation with investors was approved by the city management.

The modified version of the possible business model will now be discussed by the city representatives with the entities already involved as well as with new interested parties. This will be done during individual consultations, which will start in June and last two to three months.

All information on the preliminary market consultation process for the Špitálka Smart District project is available on the public profile of the contracting authority under this link (in Czech only).